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Bethany Woodward Chicago, IL

Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Originally from a small seaside town near Portsmouth UK, Bethany spent most of her childhood there. It was only when she went to university that she moved out of her childhood home, where her journey of discovery began. She studied 3D Design at Plymouth University which opened her eyes to many new opportunities and gave her the chance to meet and work alongside some wonderful and talented designers. She learnt a lot from her time there and began volunteering for various charities and groups after graduating. Upon landing a job as a Sales Assistant at Cath Kidston she quickly rose through the ranks and was offered an internship position at Head Office working with the international Store Design and Visual Merchandising team. She made such an impact during this time that she was made a permanent member of staff within the graphics team. It was during this time in the graphics department that Bethany was able to hone her skills as a Graphic Designer and Illustrator.

In September 2015 Bethany left Cath Kidston to start a new life in the USA where she continues to work on personal projects and commissions during this time. If you want to download a copy of her portfolio or CV please use the links to the left.

Key Skills

Illustrator 90%

InDesign 85%

Photoshop 80%

Microsoft Office 90%

PC & Mac 100%

Bethany has led various projects and has had to balance all elements involved in completion of each project, on time and within budget.

Bethany was required to communicate with colleagues, printers and clients throughout all projects, so her verbal skills are a key strength.

Bethany has a keen eye for detail and will always make sure everything is finished to the highest standards.

Bethany frequently has to balance a lot of projects consecutively and does this with great efficiency.